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Sathia Lakshmi V, Rajesh Ranjan, Sujatha. N, Swayam Jothi. S.

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Basilar artery aneurysm- A case report

Case Report

Author Details : Sathia Lakshmi V, Rajesh Ranjan, Sujatha. N, Swayam Jothi. S.

Volume : 2, Issue : 2, Year : 2016

Article Page : 63-64

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A case report of Basilar artery aneurysm identified in the outpatient department of SSSMC & RI. This case presentation is to bring to light that simple symptoms like head ache and neck pain cannot be taken light as they may lead to big catastrophes and also to share the knowledge of modern advancement in technology treating such cases.
A 60yrs old lady attended ortho -OP with the complaints of severe head ache followed by neck pain .Since the patient happened to be a doctor anticipated it to be cervical spondylitis. Later the neck pain turned out to be neck rigidity and she was referred for investigation to rule out cerebro-vascular accident. CT scan of brain revealed a Berry aneurysm of Basilar artery tip near its bifurcation with mild subarachnoid haemorrhage. Except for the pain, patient did not complain of anything else. MRI and angiographic studies were carried out. It confirmed the diagnosis.
Later patient was hospitalized for interventional therapy. She was on treatment for hypertension Coil embolisation was done and after 5days patient was discharged without any sequelae.

Key words: Basilar artery, Embolism, Coil Embolisation

How to cite : Sathia Lakshmi V, Ranjan R, Sujatha. N, Swayam Jothi. S., Basilar artery aneurysm- A case report. IP Indian J Anat Surg Head Neck Brain 2016;2(2):63-64

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