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IP Indian Journal of Anatomy and Surgery of Head, Neck and Brain (IJASHNB) open access, peer-reviewed quarterly journal publishing since 2015 and is published under the Khyati Education and Research Foundation (KERF), is registered as a non-profit society (under the society registration act, 1860), Government of India with the vision of various accredited vocational courses in healthcare, education, paramedical, yoga, publication, teaching and research activity, with the aim more...

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Journal Keywords

  • Surgical Oncology
  • Reconstruction
  • Endocrine Surgery
  • Radiotherapy
  • Vascular surgery
  • Facial Cosmetic Surgery
  • Maxillofacial
  • Trauma
  • Salivary gland disorders
  • Implants
  • Ear
  • Nose
  • Throat
  • Skull base  surgery
  • Cochlear Implant/BAHA
  • Spinal cord disorders

Most Viewed Articles (2021-2022)

Cadaveric Oath: The need of the hour

Author : Manisha R. Gaikwad

Doi :   Page No : 56-57

Unusual presentation of head and neck swellings-a case series

Author : Shruthi. H. S., Chidananda R Devasamudra, Manjunath. G. A

Doi :   Page No : 53-59

Role of aprepitant in chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting

Author : Seema Devi, Meka Geeta

Doi :   Page No : 35-39

Extraskeletal ewing sarcoma in a 62years old male smoker: a rare case presentation

Author : Sonia Jindal, Ramesh Kadela, Pooja Arya, Deepchand, Niranjan Nagaraj

Doi :   Page No : 60-62

A study of causes of nasal obstruction in Garhwal region of Uttarakhand

Author : Amit Arya, R S Bisht, Venkatashivareddy B, Richa Mina

Doi :   Page No : 40-44

Neo-natal hearing Screening should be mandatory medical regime in India

Author : Himanshu Kumar Sanju, Manisha Choudhury

Doi :   Page No : 86-88

Basilar artery aneurysm- A case report

Author : Sathia Lakshmi V, Rajesh Ranjan, Sujatha. N, Swayam Jothi. S.

Doi :   Page No : 63-64

Surface Projection of Internal Acoustic Meatus

Author : Swayam Jothi. S

Doi :   Page No : 1-15

Clinical study of correlation between preoperative CTscan findings with intra-operative findings in cases of chronic rhinosinusitis

Author : Shrutih Satyanarayana Handanakere, Chidananda Ramappa Devasanudra

Doi :   Page No : 49-52

Bacteriological profile and antibiotic sensitivity in Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media

Author : Mary Nirmala S, Kumaresan S

Doi :   Page No : 98-103

Morphometric analysis of Infra orbital foramen in human skulls

Author : Zuberi Hussain Riyaz, Khwaja Moizuddin, Azhar Ahmed Siddiqui

Doi :   Page No : 45-48

Is the Elevation of Depressed Calveria over Superior Sagittal Sinus (SSS)-(No Men Land) Rightly Contraindicated?

Author : Anuj Kumar Tripathi, Sandeep Kansal, Krishna Murthy, Ajay Kumar, Akshay Baid

Doi :   Page No : 32-34

Sexual Dimorphism with the Shape of Hyoid Bone

Author : K. D. V. Santhi Priya, G. Aruna Kumari

Doi :   Page No : 16-20

A cross sectional study on the musculoskeletal problems related to neck among the bus drivers in a smart city

Author : Shivakumar, Reshmina C.C. Dsouza, Praveen Kumar K, Shubham N. Rao

Doi :   Page No : 75-77

A large squamous cell carcinoma over the zygoma- a rare presentation reconstructed with mustarde advancement rotation cheek flap

Author : Abhishek Pareek, Himanshu Sharma, Buddhi Prakash Sharma, Punit Chitlangia

Doi :   Page No : 88-91

Use of C-Arm in Neck- A Mandatory Tool for Locating Impacted Metallic Foreign Bodies

Author : Sudhir Kumar, Sushil Kumar Aggarwal

Doi :   Page No : 28-31

Extracranial neck schwannoma in a child: A rare case

Author : Sunil Garg, Poonam Singla

Doi :   Page No : 112-113

Surgical options for Aesthetic management of facial Melanocytic Nevi

Author : Sudhir Kumar, Neeraj Srivastava, Brijendra Singh

Doi :   Page No : 104-106

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